A Little Bit About Us


Just watch this to understand the urgency of us taking action.


Before starting this project, I used to have a regular job. 

Honestly, I have never been much of an environmentalist myself. But I was still doing my part, recycling the plastic I was using on a daily basis. Never really crossed my mind that I can do more than that and back then, I didn't actually believe the environment situation was that bad.

I mean, there were no trash mountains in our neighborhood, the air was fresh, the lakes were clean.

But then I started travelling, and I realized that just because I didn't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there. I was then able to see with my own eyes the plastic rivers, garbage patches, mountains of trash and realized the situation is way worse than I thought, and that I HAVE to do something about it; something other than recycling.

That's the moment when we decided we no longer want to be part of the problem. So we came up with a solution.


With this project we want to make things easier for people who are ready to put the planet first. So we started providing sustainable, eco-friendly replacements for daily used plastics, because recycling is not enough

We need to start reducing and reusing!

Global warming is real. Thousands of animals are on the break of extinction. 

We are committed to leave a better planet for our kids. Are you?