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ECOLUX Ultimate Pack


ECOLUX Ultimate Pack

Beauty starts with clean water. ECOLUX Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals & other contaminants from your shower water. Say hello to cleaner water, healthier hair and glowing skin.


ECOLUX Shower Head uses a three-part filtration system to filter your water, capture pipe rust, harsh minerals and dirt, and turn your shower into an oasis that your skin can feel the difference with after just one shower.

 Time to begin your routine with a clean slate and restore your hair and skin to their previous glory.

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We’re here to fix the root of your skin and hair sorrows by empowering smarter showers and restore hair and skin balance.


ECOLUX will decrease water consumption helping you save thousands of dollars over time on water and energy costs.


With our ultra low flow shower head you will use up to 40% less water and energy without affecting your shower pressure. How cool is that?


For every product sold, we donate money for Save the Children Association. After all, they are the future, right?

The Problem


Traditional shower heads are wasteful, heavy and pretty gross.


Chlorine, rust, heavy metals and bacteria all end up on your skin leading to acne & breakouts, clogged pores, dry, frizzy skin and hair.


Americans use more than 1 trillion gallons/year for showering! All while a large part of the world lives on 1- 4 flushes of water/day.


Ever got home only to find trickling water that’s not enough to let you shower? Or that your family can't use different units at the same time?


The shape makes them very hard to clean. Hot + humid=germs, mold and bacteria that end up on your skin when showering.

The Solution


The ECOLUX Shower Head offers a healthier and eco-conscious way to shower. Not to mention, it’s pretty easy on the eyes and on your pocket.

4 shower modes and a lighter handle that elevates a great shower head into a beautiful bathroom accessory.

Easy-to-push STOP button that makes it easier to turn off the water. You no longer need to reach out for the faucet.

ECOLUX will filter out the nasties, so your skin and hair don't.

Stop wasting money on expensive hair and skin products. Your water might be causing you all those problems.

Cities all over the world naturally suffer from hard water — a kind of water that carries harsh minerals and all kinds of bacteria, rust and dirt as it travels through your pipes. These impurities leave your hair and skin feeling dry and dull, and can even make your products feel less effective.
 ECOLUX shower heads will purify your water and restore your hair and skin back to its natural luster.

What Our Ambassadors Think

"Saving water is something I'm always interested in. Here in New Zealand we have a water shortage right now. So it's really important for us to be saving water when we can. I like the 200% more pressure which is definitely a concern when you have low flow shower heads. I've always had them growing up. It's really easy to put on. We've used it for a few weeks now and we love it."

Fiona McCarthy


"This shower head saves up to 40% more water than a regular shower head. It does feel different. But it's really really nice, we really love it. And it has different functions and we're really happy with it."

Chloe Schnorhk


" After some research I’ve learned that shower heads really do make a difference! I recently came across this shower head and it is amaze! First off, it reduces the amount of water being used, it also comes with a built in filtering system which is not only healthier but will soften your water, giving you smoother and less irritated skin - hello glow. "

Cadie Piecuch


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