50 billion water bottles are used each year and 80% of them end up as waste, hardly any are recycled!

Drinking from plastic water bottles is not only polluting the planet, but the plastic also releases harmful chemicals into what you are drinking which ends up in your body! There is a simple solution, refill water from your tap into a stainless steel or glass bottle. If you are lucky enough to have clean water accessible then why not reuse and refill rather than buying plastic?

By investing in an eco-friendly water bottle that you can refill and reuse, you will reduce your plastic pollution dramatically, it is also far healthier and better for your health. Our bottles are safe and non-leaching, and also all drinks including water taste so much better in stainless steel and glass, you don’t get that horrible plastic taste! If you really do want to make a difference and become more eco-friendly than these bottles are a good place to start.


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