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Protect your health and sleep better with a humidifier.


Say goodbye to dry hands, cracked lips, itchy eyes, a congested nose in the morning, and bad air quality in your home.

Add a touch of luxury to your home and fix the humidity levels while creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

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We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee including refunds and exchanges.

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Have you ever noticed how your skin and hair and even your lips become dry and fragile during the winter season?


80°F can feel much warmer in Florida (high humidity) than in Colorado (low humidity). The same principle applies to your house.


One of the most common words we hear during the season: influenza.
Reduce the risk of catching the flu by adding moisture to the air.


For every product sold, we donate money for Save the Children Association. After all, they are the future, right?

The Problem


Are you waking up with a cough or stuffy nose? Or noticing that your skin feels and looks a bit dry even though you’re consistent with your skincare routine? 


Dry air pulls moisture from the skin and hair making it feel itchy and irritated.
Oh, and static hair. Ugh!


Humidity levels above 40% rapidly deactivated virus particles, making them less likely to be infectious.


Dry, itchy throat. Runny nose. Coughing. Nose bleeds. Sinus congestion. Snoring. Any of these sound familiar?


Humidified air will actually feel warmer than dry air. 
With the warmer feel of the air, thermostats can now be lowered.

The Humidi-FIRE

A helpful tool in the battle against dry air that you may not have tried.
Not to mention, it’s pretty easy on the eyes and on your pocket.

2  spray patterns and 2 different colors that elevates a great humidifier into a beautiful home accessory.

 An automatic shut-off function will turn off the humidifier when water runs out.

Create a calm and relaxing environment by adding essential drops into the water.
Turn your home into an oasis.

Dry, flaky skin is a year-round issue most commonly associated with the bitter cold of winter.
The truth?
No matter the season, dry skin is a constant. Slathering yourself with the right creams and oils can help, but that thin layer of lotion will only get you so far when dry air is constantly pulling water from your skin.

What Our Customers Think

" The volcano mode sends out smoke rings from the center every few seconds which is fun to watch. Even the slightest breeze will move the vapor. Still fun and looks cool.
Very pretty and good quality! I hope it will last in time! Thank you! "

Fiona M.

" The shape is exquisite, there is almost no noise, the humidification effect is very good, the delivery is fast. Really pleasing to the eyes. Definitely worth buying. 100% would recommend. "

Chloe S.

" This humidifier is very good, it looks beautiful and very quiet. Very satisfied with the design of this aromatherapy diffuser. It is easy to use and practical. The fog is very creative. Great value for money and the delivery was really fast. "

Cadie P.

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